What are the Rating methods of Medicare Supplement Plans?

The premiums costs of all the Medicare supplement plans are different from each other. The costs are decided by the insurance companies that are offering the plan to the seniors. The companies use three methods for estimating and setting these premium costs. These methods are called the rating methods and are the best way of creating a limited premium cost that is beneficial for both the plan holder as well as for the seller. In this article, we will clear you the use of these rating methods so that you can get the idea that how your allotted premium costs are to be decided by your official insurance company. Get a quote for a 2019 Medicare supplement plan to save money.  These methods are described as following:

Community Rated Method for Premium Rating:

In this rating method, the decided cost for the insurance premiums is completely the same for the all age groups that are eligible for having the Medicare supplement plan. The best feature of this method is that the premium cost decided according to the community rates will never increase with your increasing age. It will remain the same until any affecting inflation will occur and cause the increment in its cost.

Issue Age Rated Method for Premium Rating:

As the name implies age, the method decides the premium according to the buyer’s age when the buyer makes his first purchase. Usually, the young buyers are allotted with low premiums. The rates of premiums in this method also not vary with time, means they also not increase when you start getting older in your age. The inflation can cause the change and increase sometimes.

Attained Age Rated Method for Premium Rating:

This method set the premium according to the current age of the buyer. The negative point of this rating method is that the premiums of your Medicare supplement plan will increase when you start getting older in age. The starting premiums are low for the young aged buyers but it may vary and increment with the passing time.


So by using the above three mechanisms of rating, the various official insurance organizations will set their premiums. But remember one thing that the premiums of Part A and B are not covered under your premiums of Medicare supplement plan. These are different costs and you have to fill these premiums by yourself. The Medicare part A is premium free when you had worked for at least 10 years and paid the Medicare taxes with dedication.

When will my part A of Medicare start based on my enrolment date

Enrolment date is extremely important for any of the Medicare services. It will help to identify the time period from which you were eligible to get different benefits of the Medicare Supplement Plans. One can enroll in the Medicare Supplement Plans based on their need and different timeframe which are released. In case, if you don’t follow the timeframe specified then you might also face a penalty for late enrolment.

There are different benefits provided by the Medicare in its different parts. They are mainly provided to ensure that people can select the part from them which is most beneficial to them. Based on their selection they will get the desired benefits for the healthcare treatment which they are taking. Even these benefits will help them for not worrying about the money they spent to get quality healthcare.

Starting of Part A of Medicare

It is important to be aware of a time when your Medicare will be starting. This will help us in identifying the date from when we will be getting all the desired healthcare benefits. One can, therefore, remain rest assured about their health care services from that period of time. Based on the time period when you have purchased your Medicare you will be getting the benefits accordingly.

When you have signed for the Medicare on the month when you turned to be of the age of 65 then your coverage will be starting exactly 1 month after you signup for the same. If you enrol for that 1 month after you turn out to be of 65 age then benefits will be available 2 months after you signup. The benefits will thereby be available based on the period from which you sign up for the Medicare.

A general enrolment period is also available by the Medicare. If you enrol during this general enrolment period which is from 1st January to 31st March then you will be getting benefits from 1st July. This will help you to have knowledge about the respective benefits which you will get and the time period from which it will start for you.


Thus, we can say that it is important to know when you enroll for the Medicare to know its starting date of providing the benefits. This will help you to remain financially stable as you won’t need to worry about the costs which you might incur for your healthcare. Most of the cost which you incur will be taken care of by Medicare Supplement Plans based on your selection.

Starting off my Medicare supplement plan

It is important for every individual to consider the medical expenses which they might face. These expenses are normally very high and hence are required to be considered by many individuals. This will help us to take the respective insurance which proves to be beneficial for our healthcare. Selection of the healthcare policy is completely dependent on your future needs for the healthcare treatments.

One should also consider their past health records, as it will help in determining the kind of Medicare benefits which they will need. Normally there are many different parts of the Medicare policy. They are normally made to ensure that needs of every individual is satisfied with the benefits which are obtained. Additional coverage’s are also provided for the purpose of extra expenses which might be incurred during the healthcare treatment.

Starting of the Medicare supplement plan

There are different enrolment period defined in which one can enrol for the Medicare supplement plans. One can even opt for the additional time for enrolling in the plan based on their individual conditions. It will help to initiate your insurance plan from that period of time. In case, if you haven’t enrolled for the plan during the enrolment period and wants to enrol later without extension of the enrolment period then you might also face a penalty for late enrolment.

When you enrol for the Medicare, your coverage will start from the first day of the month itself. It is applicable unless a few conditions apply. These conditions include signing up for Part A of Medicare and Part B. This will even include the condition of signing up for the plan during the first three months of the enrolment period.

Now your coverage will be starting right from the first day when you turn 65.  This will hold true unless your birthday is on the first day of the month. With this, you can take the benefit of the coverage right from the starting and hence get the desired medical coverage. It will help you for not worrying about the medical expenses which you might incur for the healthcare.


Thus, we can say that your Medicare Supplement Plan will start right from the first day of the month of your birthday. So, from that day itself, you can take the complete benefit of the coverage and get the desired healthcare costs. This will help in making you stress-free from the healthcare costs which you might incur.

Purchasing Medigap insurance

Medigap is a private health insurance plan designed to supplement Medicare by covering some gaps in government coverage. A Medigap policy can help you pay fees and services that Medicare does not cover.

On a lighter note, sometimes, the gaps in Medicare are huge enough for a truck to drive through. For example, there is a lengthy list of regular examinations and services that either or not fully cover Medicare. And with Medicare you are still responsible for deductibles and coinsurance. These can appear as small sums until you have a disease, and then “WHAM!” These costs can increase your medical expenses very quickly.

The costs of hospitalization continue to rise. If you have a hospital stay, you pay a large part of the first day and then pay the additional costs for each additional day. Career gaps for medical services can also add up. You pay a yearly deductible, an additional charge for each service, and you may also have to pay part of the service fee that Medicare does not cover.

There are some doctors who accept Medicare assignment. This means that they are paid by Medicare for their service. You will not be returning for additional payments beyond the Medicare-approved amount. Hence, as part of your shopping, meet with your current doctors and those in comfortable travel distance to know if they will accept what is paid by Medicare. You will need a doctor whom you can trust, who also has reasonable fees.

It’s pretty clear that it makes sense to find insurance that will help you pay some of the costs Medicare does not pay. But finding the right insurance can be a daunting task. The things you need to keep in mind can be complex and the available literature is confusing. Many people just go away confused. After all, many people choose plans that do not have the benefits they need, or they pay more than they need for those services. Do not be one of them. You can find cost-effective benefits if you buy some comparisons.

However, there are no simple rules for selecting a Medigap policy. The reason is because everyone requires something unique. So first, think about what’s important to you. Consider the level of insurance benefits you want and how much you are willing to pay. https://www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2020/

Take into account your current health and future health expectations. Even though you lead a healthy lifestyle, the odds are slim that you will stay healthy. Existing hereditary and environmental factors are present which are beyond your control. So make sure you prepare unforeseen opportunities just in case.

Take into account any other insurance that you will continue after the age of 65. Often employers or unions will provide some health services. You should make sure that you really need extra coverage. If you decide to, you should look for a policy that covers different services – instead of duplicating the coverage you already have.

Do not rely on an insurance agent to get comprehensive information on available plans. They cannot! They only know about the plans they sell on behalf of the companies they represent. Even independent representatives usually represent few firms. So, do not hesitate to ask. This will give you a better understanding of the information you receive and how it fits into the overall picture.


When we can get a Medicare Advantage Plan with Guaranteed issuance?

The guaranteed issue rights are the symbol of your protection in the Medicare. They will make sure that the Medicare will protect you even when your first plan is over or near to its limit of completion. Basically, the guaranteed issue rights of a Medicare advantage plan are considered to be work alongside with your formal Original Medicare.

The enrollment period for the guaranteed issue right is almost 123 days in which the time of sixty days before the expiry of our current Medicare plan and the other sixty-three days are after the plan expires.  This period may be considered as a difficult waiting period. But don’t you worry here we suggest you some methods for grabbing your guaranteed issue rights without any waiting time.

On the End of Employer-Sponsored Retiree Plan:https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org

This is the good time to enroll in your new plan with guaranteed issue rights when your existing employer-sponsored retiree plan is exhausted. But this way is not applicable when you had not paid your premiums or when you are using a plan that covers only the primary benefits of Medicare.

Lost Eligibility of Employers plan:

It is time to enroll in a Medicare advantage 2019 plan at www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org.  with the guaranteed issue rights. In this method, you can apply for the new plan when your previous plan stops covering your advantageal Medicare section and only providing the initial benefits but also with some reduction in benefits.

It is also useful when you lose your eligibility because of your divorce or due to the primary member’s death. Another time that can take the path to guaranteed issue rights is when your coinsurances of Medicare part B are no longer paid by your sponsored retiree plan.

Closure of your Medicare Advantage Plan:

When your Medicare advantage plan reduces its offered benefits or increase its premium costs up to 15 percent and doesn’t offer the plan anymore then you can get a new Medigap plan easily. But the condition is that you have to buy it from your existing insurance firm. The only way to buy it from my other company is when the plan is not available at your previous firm.


As you see the various possible conditions when you can get the guaranteed issue rights in your newly adopted Medicare advantage plan. Just be careful of the conditions and check if any of the three circumstances will occur and cause any harm to your pre-existing Medicare plan then replace it with the guaranteed issue right plan.



Red Flag! Do not Sign up for Medigap Plan F

If you think this topic is quite dramatic, I guarantee you it is not. The following information is important for anyone considering a Medicare Supplement plan F. Plan F has long been the most popular of the standardized plans, and it has a purpose. However, you should explore all your options and become aware of the potential dangers before you own one.

I would also like to share the following information with a little background information about myself. I worked for 27 years on the senior market. For much of that time, I worked in Medigap Plan Design and Pricing. I am an expert in the industry.

New Agents and Lazy Agents Sell Plan F Medicare Supplements. This is true. Insurance agents love selling a Plan F. He pays a higher commission and most buyers have usually heard of it from a friend. Because it’s so popular, it’s a much simpler presentation.

Be careful with agents who immediately urge you to choose plan F. Making a blanket statement that Plan F is the best is wrong and irresponsible. If they say that it’s the “Cadillac Plan” because it covers everything, then hang up. Listening to the “Cadillac Plan” sounds great, but it comes at a price.

Insurance companies also love Plan F. It has benefits that you will probably never use, and others that are very profitable for the company. Therefore, they always advertise the plan F.

If the only difference between a plan F and a plan G is the part B deductible, why is the price difference so much higher? The Medicare Part B deductible is currently $ 166 per year. However, if you compare plans, it is not uncommon to find Plan F rates between $ 300- $ 600 higher than Plan G. Insurance companies call this difference a “convenience fee”. Why not keep the “Convenience Charge” in your wallet and pay the deductible? https://www.medicaresupplementplans2020.com/

Excess fees are not a big deal. The reality is most doctors accept Medicare Assignment and it is easy to confirm if your doctor is doing it or not. Why would you pay for this service if you do not need it?

Even worse, in some states it is illegal for doctors to claim Medicare Allowable, but many agents continue to sell plan F to their clients.

Do not get caught in a Medigap Plan F! By far, this is the most convincing reason to have no plan F. Plan F will expire in 2020. Anyone who already has this plan will be allowed to keep it.

Do not keep this plan! New sales will cease, there will be no younger and healthier people entering the plan and outweighing the costs of the older insured. The prices must rise. As interest rates rise, anyone who is healthy enough to meet the underwriting conditions will move to a new plan. This will make the situation worse.

If after 2020 you get trapped with Plan F, you might see ridiculous year after year rate increases in double-digits. A similar situation existed with Plan J after it was withdrawn from the market in 2010.

New Medicare Supplement Competition in Texas

The top dogs from the Texas Medicare supplement market now get a run for their money. Two competitive carriers have taken the stage and are struggling to the top in many Texas postal codes. Cigna, insured by American Retirement Life Insurance Company, and Manhattan Life have recently caught the eyes of Texas agents and consumers. With low premiums and speedy processing, it’s no wonder that these two carriers are rapidly gaining tremendous amounts of new business and awareness.

American Retirement Life Insurance Company, a Cigna subsidiary, began selling Medicare supplements in Texas in early February 2013. Over the past year, ARLIC has delivered highly competitive pricing – dramatically improving the Texas Medicare supplement landscape. Only three insurers were able to offer the lowest premiums before the Cigna brand: Omaha Insurance, Oxford Life and Continental Life (Aetna). These carriers have their own postal codes, which they pursue competitively. Their chances of getting more than 1 or 2 “good” rates in each postcode were low a year ago. They have either Omaha, Oxford or Continental alongside one of the less competitive brands. They were thin pickins.

Now that Cigna has been added to the mix, consumers will find better rates and more options for choosing a quality carrier.

Cigna also offers a quick and easy application process, as does Manhattan Life. An electronic application enables agents to conduct new business and effortlessly save their customers money. New business is usually issued between 3 days and 2 weeks. Of course, this also depends on the season in which the application is submitted – open enrollment months are inevitably busier.

Due to its low prices, Cigna experienced a boom in demand. They are rapidly hiring more staff to keep up with demand for their product. This growth in your company in the first year of the business is exceptional and can only be successful. If you are a consumer and are worried about the financial prospects of this company, you should be aware that the low rates of ARLIC and the Cigna brand are enduring.

The ARLIC fares are located in Austin, Texas, and are highly competitive for the residents of Travis County and the surrounding area. There are also a few other “hot” areas, such as: for example, postcodes in and around North Texas. If you are a Medicare Benefit Insurer who lives in one of these areas, it may be time to call an agent and have your current policy reviewed.

ARLIC offers Plans A, F, G and N, which are also available in 18 other states. You can check the availability on the website of ARLIC. https://www.bestmedicaresupplementplans2019.com/

A younger addition to the Texas Medicare supplement market is Manhattan Life. Manhattan did not sell Life in Texas a few months ago. I did not know anything about this company, to be honest. Then, slowly, I started to see her name appear on my quote engine – and now, when I search for Texas zip codes, Manhattan Life is definitely Top 5 in most areas, even top 2 in some. I suspect that will change (for the better) if they grow next year.

How does the Medicare Supplement Plans affect the Federal Budget?

How does the 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans affect the Federal Budget?

After a long effort of the American government, the rules and conditions related to Medicare are now changed. These healthcare insurance plans are available for all citizens of America that are elders. The total amount spent on the healthcare services is about 17.6 percent of the GDP of the United States.  This average amount is discovered by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

This is a well-designed system for better health care and also for saving the elderly people’s income wastage on health care services. But with the increasing number of policy buyers, the work of marinating these requests is becoming more complicated. This is the reason that the Medicare interests are becoming the fastest growing factor of the federal budget of the country.

This increase is even exceeding the many payroll tax values that are developed for providing funds for the health care insurance program. The experts are doing their best efforts for maintaining this change but this is found to be unsuccessful and that’s why it is making a great impact on the Federal Budgets. There are several methods are suggested for resolving this issue that are given as follows:

Solutions for managing the Federal Budget:

Using Private Voucher:

Medicare supplement plan G 2019This solution is for applying the buyers to get a fixed subsidy on their purchases in the private market. They will also receive the insurance that is related to their purchases.

Medicare Revenue Improvement:

  • This can be done by increasing the percentage of payroll taxes that are paid by employees.
  • Developing penalties for your unhealthy choices of life such as the use of alcohol, non-regular treatment prescription usage, and the smoking.
  • Making a strong link between the costs and the used funds for co-payment and co-insurance plans.

Lower Medicare Costs:

We can do this by increasing the age limit up to 67 years or more. Applying discounts on prescription drug directly from the pharmacy, cutting the cost that we pay to the physicians, medical supplier, and the hospital. Removing the fraud services and using the trained treatment facility instead of experimental treatments.


In this way, the overall Federal budget is under the impact of Medicare plans. The changing Medicare supplement plans are being responsible for increasing the taxes and budget limits of federal income. But the above mentioned solutions can be used for resolving this issue. We can apply these solutions for maintaining our Federal budget by improving the benefits of Medicare Supplement plans.




Impact of Medicare Supplement Plans on the National Healthcare

The medical industry is growing in its services and facilities that it offers to the patient whenever they require. The different Medicare health plans are servicing the users for maintaining their health in critical circumstances. This is improving our lives with its useful hospital care and insurance services called the Medicare supplement plans.

A number of populations of America are adopting the Medicare supplement plan through the private insurance company. These companies are exclusively working for covering the health insurance of elder people. As you know most of the person lost their insurance related to health after their retirement or when they get off from their job.

According to a survey of 1965, there are up to half of the elder peoples are without health insurance. From these people 37 percent are unmarried men, 49 percent are unmarried women, and 64 percent are married couples. The most of insurance at that time is not enough for covering the cost gap for the plan holder. These plans are called the terrible insurance plan. Because of these unbeneficial Medicare services offered by these useless plans the government has to make changes in the Medicare rules.

The new Medicare supplement health plans for 2019 can save money, helping you avoid surplus costs and can be quoted at www.medisupps.com/.are the result of these changes. In 1965 the Amendment of Social Security created the Medicare. In this amendment, one percent of the elder Americans can access medical treatment even in their declining time of health insurance.

This is considered the most drastic change in the Medicare or Healthcare insurance industry. In the present time, the Medicare is one form the biggest programs of health insurance in the whole world with a number of beneficial facilities. It will provide 20 percent of healthcare expenses and 1/8th part of the federal budget. It includes the 3 percent or more of the gross domestic product of a nation.

The new Medicare supplement plans are offering more services to the clients from the previous time so the Medicare supplement plans are becoming more useful and easy to adopt. There are different plans for covering different types of services. You can choose the plan of your desire easily after comparing the several numbers of plans.


In this way, the National Health care is affected by the new Medicare supplement plans for improving its efficiency. The services offered by new generation Medicare supplement plans are for covering the various healthcare sectors of health care for the elderly people. So we can say the new advancement made an large impact on national healthcare.


Tips for Shopping your Medicare advantage plan

Whenever you turn to your age 65 you will automatically realize that it’s the right time to purchase a good Medicare advantage plan that helps you with health care related costs in the future. Well, this is wise thinking as being an elder because at this age you need a helper that will take care of your payments related to Medicare services.

It will reduce your burden of paying the large hospital bills even in the low finance conditions. These plans are made to cover all the out of pocket requirements of the plan holder. When you are going to shop for your Medicare advantage plan consider the following tips in your mind while checking a suitable Medigap plan for yourself.

Check your requirements:

First of all, take a look at your various requirements that you want to be fulfilled for you by your plan. Make a list of estimated health care needs from which you want to get a Medicare advantage plan. Then check the list of various plans that are offering coverage of the requirements that match with your list and get that plan without wasting any time because deals can end any time.

Check your pocket:

This is another important factor that you have to check while buying your new Medicare advantage plan for 2019 which can save you money. Check your current financial situation and then decide how much you want to spend on your services related to health care. After checking your pocket, check out the plans and determine if the selected plan will offer to pay your required out of pocket costs.

If the plan doesn’t cover the various required costs than it will be not useful for you. Compare and choose the plan that matches your needs as well as comes under your budget. When you get a plan with high rate premiums and more coverage then its high cost of premiums can cause the problem to your budget.


As you already know that each Medicare advantage plan has its own coverage and premium costs. So avoid the plans with high premiums and try to get the plan that covers all the offered requirements of the plan holder and also comes with low premium costs. In this way, by making a wise choice you can get a good Medicare advantage plan that will help you to cover all the benefits of Medicare and also don’t break your budget.